The professional version of mdPROJECTTIMER is the team-solution for easy and comfortable time registration, designed for multi-user mode. Times can be recorded and evaluated for arbitrary projects or project parts (jobs). The completely new developed version 3.x offers the following features: * Easy, fast and comfortable time registration for arbitrary project parts (jobs) * Stamp notes can be saved per stamp and/or per day * Spell Checker available in nearly all fields * Convenient acquisition of arbitrary additional costs per job * Free fields allows the structured acquisition of additional data * Administration of arbitrarily many projects / jobs / project templates * Definition of hour rates * Time and cost limits per job * Employee administration incl. right management * The order (sorting) of projects and project parts can be defined freely * Optional hide unused projects (without deleting them) * Stamp via mouse click or free definable key combinations (system wide hot keys) * Add and edit stamps with check on coincidences * Loss-free import of all data from the previous version 2.1.x * Export stamps and free fields into the Microsoft Excel format * Moving stamps to other jobs and/or projects * Optional representation of current stamp data in an overtop window with transparency effect and/or in the window title of the current active program * Tray symbol with context menu * Extensive setting possibilities * Time and costs reports can be settled and saved in the PDF format into the database * Displaying an invoice page optionally at time and costs reports * Integrated Report-Designer * Configurable reports for printing and exporting into various formats: Adobe PDF format / Microsoft Excel format / HTML document / RTF document / TIF graphic format