A set of various audible and visual alarms for Internet connections (and disconnections) by dial up modem. Especially useful if more than one computer is connected in a local area network sharing a single modem, to prevent unintentional and unnoticed connections. Sounds an alarm when modem dials, connects or disconnects (Internet connections). Sounds an alarm at preset times when online or when connection is idle (Optional). Sounds an alarm when preset monthly time online is exceeded (Optional). Sounds an alarm when preset monthly download volume is exceeded (Optional). Displays connection progress, connection status and error messages. Shows brand or type of modem. Displays ISP-account name and own IP-address. Displays connection statistics: DCE speed (connection speed), bytes sent, bytes received. Displays the time the connection is active. Keeps a viewable and printable logfile of online time and data upload and download. Easy connection using the connection selected in a list of all available external connections. Also monitors connections initiated by other applications Runs in the system tray. Icon flashes when connected. Alarm sounds can be replaced with wav-files of user's choice. Fully configurable. Connection speed monitor displays actual, peak and average values of upload and download traffic. Speed monitor can be used to monitor other interfaces than dial-up (modem) interface, e.g. the network interface of the LAN. Runs on all versions of Windows 9x, Windows 2000, Windows NT and Windows XP. Automatic installation and uninstallation.