Axommsoft pdf restrictions remover software is robust and Windows compatible tool helps in removing pdf password to enable pdf print option, editing & content copying if restricted by owner password & forgot the password to unlock pdf again. Tool is designed to decrypt encryption level RC4 and AES either 40-bit or 256-bit. It is very difficult situation when you forgot your own pdf document password and your urgent project is pending. Our tool helps in this condition very well. Download free copy of pdf password restriction from our website, install & run on your Windows operating system. Tool decrypts each document instantly without making you on wait to discover password. Tool works with lightning fast speed, extract out the owner password automatically and create a new protection free pdf file at user defined location. Along with this, you can also use this program to remove pdf user password. User password is called as pdf open password, but tool asks you to input this user password to remove restrictions from pdf document. Key Features: * program supports all Windows platforms like XP, Vista, 7 & 8. * Easy to use and self descriptive. * Automatically detects and remove forgotten owner password from pdf. * Tool is compatible to decrypt bulk pdf files in a single batch process. * Tool has inbuilt user help manual. * Support of both install and un-install option. * Capable to decrypt RC4 40-bit and AES-128 bit encryption password.