V3 IS 8.0 provides functions for data security by restricting access to system resources. It also helps to prevent unwanted programs or malicious security threats installed in your system by configuring more advanced protection settings. The basic concepts of V3 IS 8.0 are: Easy: Aims at easy program configuration and features for end-users. Fast: Speeds up the scan speed, and avails quick approach to GUIs. Integrated: Provides integrated scan method and settings for viruses and spywares. Light: Reduces memory space required for system scan and program operation. User-friendly: Builds up user-friendly GUIs and program features such as system optimization and event notification. Special Protection Features in V3 IS 8.0 Diagnosis for your system security Smart Scan increases the efficiency of virus and spyware scan as it provides an quick integrated scan feature. It is recommended to perform Smart Scan in order to diagnose the current system security. Diagnostic Scan lowers the possibility of system infection by scanning the most vulnerable areas to security threats in case that users miss out those areas to scan. Real-time system protection Real-time Scan detects and blocks security threats in real-time to protect your system. Real-time Messenger Scan blocks infected files, and prevents installation of untrusted programs via instant messenger. Security policies for network security Network Intrusion Prevention policies detect security threats transferred through the network. Personal Firewall controls program access via Internet, and applies appropriate policies by mapping network environments. Network Access Control manages access to the network by registering allowed or blocked IP addresses. Malicious web contents filtering Anti-Phishing and Website Filtering block harmful websites and filter malicious web contents to protect personal information and user's system. E-mail filtering E-mail Scan and more!