Loan Calculator and Loan Engine components are designed to add complex financial calculations and user interfaces to your software applications. Our software can create Loan management and Installment Credit systems overnight with an advanced series of finance components designed for loans, installment credit, mortgages, credit cards and most typical credit scenarios. Some of Loan Calculators features:- Loan Calculations, APR's, Amortization Installment Credit, Mortgages, Credit Cards etc. Fees, Insurance's, Transactions and Variable Rate Interests Management of Payments and Installments Status codes and workflow management Advanced HTML and XML Reporting Export lists to Microsoft Excel Setup Loan, Fee and Insurance Defaults Loan Activity and Auditing Loan Recycling and Search controls Flexible User Interface International Currency and Decimal notations Full Database support - MSAccess, SQL Server Application Level functionality Our software delivers complete application level functionality with detailed reporting, accounting and a comprehensive user interface. The components quickly integrate into your development projects with logical and user intuitive layouts and advanced functionality.