Providing a cost effective access to opening MS Project files, AxpViewer is the right software to facilitate your business optimize project collaboration. Using AxpViewer, your project team people will get access to opening whichever files created using Microsoft Project or AxProject just the same way they would using planners. this MPP viewer is the way out if there's no need in installing pricey fully functional PM software to all the employees' computers only for opening project plans. Usable, nicely interfaced, and less costly, this viewer will correctly open Microsoft Project or AxProject files, giving access to project parameters such as task durations, dependencies and constraints, work, material, and cost resources assigned to tasks, resource rates and calendars including work weeks and exceptions. You could also open a Microsoft Project file and save it as a file of AxProject, and vice versa, it is completely attuned with both formats. In addition, this Microsoft Project viewer imports leveling delay parameters and displays them accurately. Correct representation of all your project attributes, no matter how complex the project is, is the key to winning collaboration between project managers and their team people. this MS Project viewer is at hand when correctness and every project detail matter. Start using AxpViewer now and let your team get the right representation of your project plans!