Me Speaking is a versatile Text to Speech application that will read the text you see on your screen or convert the text into MP3, MP4, WAV, WMA and five more formats. Sit back and relax while Me Speaking reads your email's, Ebook's, web pages, proof reads documents, reads to the visually impaired, reads stories to your kids, reads to you while your busy doing other things. Record the text to MP3 and use your MP3 player to listen to it while your out of the house or office. Give your eyes a break and let your PC talk to you. Me Speaking has many useful Function including 13 schedule alarms that will verbally remind you of events and the ability to read text from a com port. Take a look at the features below - Speaking alarm clock with 13 programmable alarms that reminds you of events verbally. - Says what ever you want it to say when the computer starts up. - Can remind you of an event when it detects the computer shutting down. - Uses the Microsoft® Text-to-Speech Engine, wich has 18 different sounding - voices ( life like to robotic ). - The speed, pitch and volume of each voice can be adjusted. - More voices can be added. Supports SAPI4 and SAPI5 voices. - The time can be announced on the hour every hour. - Keeps count of the current sentence been spoken. - Can jump or fast forward / backwards through sentences. - The text that's been spoken can be recorded as a MP3, MP4, WAV, WMA, FLAC, OGG, AU - AIFF or VOX file or saved as a text file. - 'Say this instead feature' Up to 100 words or 100 short sentences can be replaced - automatically while speaking. - The 'say this instead' list can be saved or loaded as a single file. Allowing the user to - create a library of replacement words. ADVANCED FUNCTIONS -Your computer can be turned into a talking terminal. Text sent to the com port can be -spoken automatically. -Flexible baud rate and com port settings.