What is Mucked Hands? We've developed a Texas Hold?em hand calculator that will give the exact odds of any chosen poker hand winning or tying at the showdown. You can choose any starting cards, and see your winning %. You can then add the flop cards and see how the odds of winning change for each hand. Finally you can add Turn Card and River Card and see if you have improved your hand. Features in Mucked Hands * Autoread features (no input required) for pokerstars,partypoker,fulltilt, pokerdassi.com,faccedapoker.com,eurotvpoker.com. * Accurate poker odds calculation than any other odds tool obtained on the basis of a minimum of 10000 or more simulation against 1 to 9 opponents. * Display your hand and your winning %. * Display total outs and EV (Expected Value) * Gives advice on how you should play your Texas Hold?em hand given probabilities of you vs. your 1 to 9 opponent in 3 different languages (Eng, Spanish and italian) * Spyware Adware Free.