Dial Engine Pro does not have GUI (graphical user interface). *** dialing can be done from any document or browser page. ***       *** multiline capability: ---> dials first available line. *** *** DTMF tones ---> selectable tone length and time interval. *** *** command line selectable: Dialing Properties *** *** command line selectable: Current Location *** *** command line selectable: Calling Card ***      * dialing can be performed from: - the command line, - another Assisted Telephony application, - any document or browser page ; * after dialing (or redialing busy line) DEP can perform following operations: - drop the line, - close itself; * phone numbers can be put in the queue and processed sequentially; * it can be set completely invisible or to have icon in the Systray; * it can be set to obey or ignore Windows dialing properties: -from the Options menu, -programmatically; * phone line busy automatic redialing; * audio (sound) notification for: connected call, after busy redials, incoming call; * caller ID capable, (ability to display the incoming caller name and phone number); * answer incoming calls after a specified number of the rings; * then launch any application, sending keystrokes to it; * compatible with Time & Chaos; * speakerphone; * it can also dial a phone number without a modem. * it can also be used as Skype or other VoIP dialer. Extra option for the network administrators: * can test all the lines and results are saved in the log and displayed on screen.