CSSGen is the next generation free CSS creator. You can easily create your own CSS code. It has all visual options - no need to bother about code or syntax and is complete wizard based for easy adaptation. CSS creator generates 100% valid CSS code. Offline code generation - there is no need to be connected to the internet. You can copy the CSS code to use in any web application. It is absolutely FREE to download and use ! While all these are the features available absolutely free, the capabilities of CSSGen are not limited to these. You can register your copy of CSSGen to unlock a world of new possibilities. Registering your copy will activate the following new features * Automatically save your created styles as CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) files for future use * Edit the saved CSS files by using the visual wizard; immensely helpful if you need a similar style for another project with just a minor change * View the effect of the style created from within the software itself * Delete unwanted styles so that they no longer appear in the list for editing * Generate a complete CSS layout with full html code * Select from a wide range of layout options - from header, footer, horizontal menu position to multi column layouts * Assign ANY of the generated styles to EACH of the layout positions * View the entire web page generated before saving * Save each design as a separate project * Visual edit and delete options for each project