ArtSong? is a versatile MIDI-based algorithmic music composition system for Windows® computers. ArtSong? provides a variety of algorithms to Compose and harmonize melodies, Compose countermelodies and ?counterpoint?, Generate chord progressions, Generate bass parts, Compose chord pads and accompaniment patterns, Control musical form and thematic sequence, Compose a variety of harmonic and rhythmic support. Originally developed for ?fractal music? composition, the program has expanded its algorithm base and now includes a wide variety of algorithms such as: IFS and Quadratic function attractors, Fourier Series, several types of random distributions, cyclic pattern generators, contour and envelope curves, Image to MIDI, Text to MIDI, Julia Sets, user-specified value sequences, and a powerful scripting environment for development of custom algorithms and editing utilities. ArtSong? parameterizes over 100 time-dependant properties and composition-arrangement ?decisions? covering a wide range of composition situations. Each parameterization uses a custom dynamic variable which can be assigned a value-range and an algorithmic driving-function providing a high degree of composer control and expression. MIDI sequencing and editing capabilities are included.