NFOPad is a small, fast and flexible combined nfo viewer and text editor. It is a clone of Microsoft's Notepad but much more customizable and with some additional features. Of course NFOPad also supports nfo files with ASCII art. The file extension is used to determine whether to use an ANSI or ASCII font. NFOPad also fully supports Unicode. Features: - Hyperlink and e-mail detection - Highly customizable (fonts, colors, app. settings) - Window auto width - Recently opened files list - Copy on select option - Built in ASCII-fonts for nfo files - Direct scrolling - Tab width setting - Portable - Unicode support - Alpha blend support - Localized (Brazilian Portuguese, Chinese, English, German, Hungarian, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish) - Shell integration - Extension determines font - Printing - Searching & replacing text - Insert/overwrite mode - Go to line - Delete line - Drag-n-drop - Improved word selection on double click and on CTRL selecting - Open next/previous file in directory of the currently open file - Always on top option - Close on ESC key - Word wrap option - MS Notepad's .LOG functionality About Us: Our mission is to create programs as powerful as possible but to remain simple and small. All features are optional, as always it is the user who should have control over the programs and not the other way around!