SiteKiosk is the ideal software solution to securely present web-based content (HTML, Flash, videos, etc.) and applications on public access terminals. You can use SiteKiosk to individually restrict access to the operating system, system settings, websites, files, folders, and applications. Your computer will be protected against unwanted manipulation from the time the boot process begins up until the terminal is shut down. SiteKiosk along with the additional SiteRemote allows you to manage your machines remotely and enables you to charge your customers for using your kiosk terminals and services. SiteKiosk also includes the Digital Signage software SiteCaster, the perfect choice to show product information, advertisement, news and other content in public places. SiteKiosk is the right choice for: Kiosk & Internet terminals, Company access to Internet & Intranet, Employee Self-Service, Internet cafes, Arcades/gambling stations, Library PCs, PCs in schools and colleges, City information terminals, Ticket kiosks, Showcase advertising, PCs on fairs & exhibitions, Public Internet banking, Customer PCs in retailing. SiteKiosk is also available for Android! Try before you Buy! Minimize your investment risk by fully testing all of SiteKiosk’s features and functions prior to purchase. While you can test all features of the unregistered version of SiteKiosk for as long as you want, you will have to put up with the following limitations unless you register your SiteKiosk version: - It is possible to exit SiteKiosk by typing any password. - A shareware notice will be displayed every 5 minutes throughout the runtime which will block any user input for a period of 30 seconds. - A registration dialog box will be displayed every time you launch SiteKiosk. - You will not be able to use any custom settings of the System Security Wizard.