Web Gallery Wizard is the essential tool for anyone who wants to create photo web pages quickly, with great looking results. Fast and easy. Ready to be posted online. No HTML knowledge required. In five simple steps the wizard generates your web pages. Professionally designed themes are included, with more available online. Web Galleries feature Slideshow, image enlargement option and QuickView? navigation: see albums, photos and thumbnails at-a-glance. Web Gallery Wizard simplifies and automates the process of organizing images into albums and albums into Web Galleries. Users create albums by importing and arranging images. They can write image captions and album descriptions, select a built-in Web Gallery theme, or browse additional themes online, and with the click of a button, generate their Web Gallery. It?s that easy. Web Galleries created with Web Gallery Wizard are professionally designed, personalized and hold virtually unlimited albums and photos. With QuickView navigation, available only with Web Gallery Wizard, albums are indexed on one page and accessed with one click; no more linear, photo-by-photo clicking to find that great shot. No switching between windows; users keep scrolling to a minimum. Just click any thumbnail and the image appears instantly in the showcase frame on the same page. Click Slideshow button to view a self-running, photo-by-photo automatic loop. Provide your viewers with optional access to high resolution images, suitable for printing. Web pages are self-generated and ready to upload to the web, so the user has complete control of the Web Gallery. Intrusions are kept to a minimum with no ads, pop-ups or spam. Your viewers don?t need to register to see your Web Gallery. Web Galleries are safe and secure, residing on your computer, not on a remote web host. Easily archive, update and upload, even if your web host changes. No cumbersome image-by-image uploading. Best software of its kind. Showcase your images today!