How it works? When you use this barcode generator your system will automatically support us for indexing the UPC Code to Product without you doing any additional coding. The technical detail behind this is very simple, when you use our code to generate the barcode, our system will read the HTTP headers and identify who is calling and log the information and include to SearchUPC global database if it is a valid product. Advantages: ? First and foremost this barcode generator is completely free. ? You are free to use this on a desktop application also, if you don't have a online website that sells products. ? Applies the UCC council standards for the accuracy and ensure it is readable by the barcode scanners. ? Today, lot of iPhone and Android phones became barcode scanners with mobile apps, so if your website support a barcode under the product, most likely they will have an opportunity to be scanned. ?If your website uses this free barcode generator your products will be automatically included in our upc search database.