Fast Task Scheduler is an application which allows you to schedule a variety of tasks, like run an application, play a movie file, open a web page, and even set an alarm clock or a memo to yourself. These tasks can be set to occur once or repeatedly, each day or week or even on certain days of the week. You have full control of when and how these task will occur. Alarm Clock - Set an alarm that will sound a wav file you pick and open a window giving you the options to hit the snooze button or turn off alarm. Memo - Write yourself a note that will be displayed with a popup window at the date and time you set . Run an Executable file - Schedule an application to run at a certain date and time, you can even set the parameters to pass to the application. Play Video files - Play many of the different movie file formats at a specific time using your default player. Play Audio files - Set music files to play at certain times. Open Web pages - Open web sites even when your not home, and send parameters to the web page. Open Documents - Open as many of the text and document files you wish.