Solus Clip 3.0 - Clipboard Manager for Windows! Solus Clip monitors all operations with clipboard and stores all data that is copied to the clipboard making it available for later use. Solus Clip stores 15 latest clips. The windows clipboard is a shared memory space that allows you to transfer data between applications. Once you copy data to the clipboard it can be pasted to any application that can handle that type of data. This could be a fragment of text, a picture, wave data, a file or folder, OLE-object, etc. The Windows clipboard is a convenient tool, however it has several limitations; primarily it can only store one piece of data at a time. When you copy new data to the clipboard, the previous contents are destroyed and replaced by the new. Another limitation is that it is not easy to view what is stored in your clipboard without pasting it to some temporary place such at the notepad. Solus Clip was designed to overcome these difficulties. Solus Clip saves all data into your hard disk to use in the future when you need, also after Windows restarts. It is possible to configure hotkeys to paste data quickly. Another great feature is the possible to lock some item. When you need it, you can use it.Systems requirement: It is compatible with any Windows version: Win95, Win98, WinMe or WinXP.Solus Clip is an indispensable software to increase your productivity. Try it !