TudZu is an application for sharing and backing up multimedia files within private groups. TudZu is based on a collaborative approach to directly exchange photos and videos with your friends. TudZu also includes a backup service to protect your significant files into your friends' storage space. TudZu is completely free and it is unlimited in term of files numbers and of volume. That's easy! - Create your TudZu account. - Install the software on your computer. - Create your own group and invite your friends. This is powerful! - Join different groups depending on your affinities (friends, family ...) - Create an album with your favorite movies, photos and / or your music. - Import your picasa albums to share in confidence. - By simply registering to an album your friends receive all files. - Add a file to an album and your friends will automatically receive it. - You can turn off your machine anytime, TudZu continues operations at the next start. - In case of interruption and using an intelligent algorithm (block mode), transfers of large files resume at the breakpoint. - Use TudZu Media Server to view your friends' albums on the TV (UPnP / DLNA) - Detection of files and folders to backup. - Automatically backup new files (incremental backup). It's confidential and secure! - TudZu do not host your files (direct exchange between friends). - Only group members can view your albums. - In the group, you can restrict access to your albums to some friends. - The machines are authenticated and internet transfers are secured with the best encryption algorithms (SSL / RSA 256-bit). - The backup files are encrypted, your friends do not know their name or their content.