The sure-fire way to make learning thousands of new words as easy as finding a picture! LingvoSoft Picture Dictionary lets you choose from thousands of color pictures to get a translation. No matter what your skill level or age you can now communicate accurately simply by pointing your finger. The Picture Dictionary is a component of LingvoSoft Learner’s Suite which also combines a Dictionary, PhraseBook and the FlashCards learning application. As part of the Suite, it delivers an unsurpassed level of integration across the entire platform. Picture Dictionary features a customizable interface with a choice of five different display languages and seamless integration with all LingvoSoft applications. The color pictures are easily recognizable to make getting a translation simple and straightforward. LingvoSoft Picture Dictionary 2008 features: Linguistic Fast and convenient vocabulary building Requires no prior knowledge or language skills Interface Customizable interface with English, French, German, Spanish and Russian display languages Thousands of full color pictures to choose from Integration Complete integration between all LingvoSoft Suite components including Dictionary, FlashCards, PhraseBook, Picture Dictionary and Text Translator. Select, copy and export words to other applications simply end easily. Comprehensive Support Compatible with Windows Mobile Version 5.0 platform Installation and execution from Extension Card Square screen (QVGA 240*240) support High Resolution screen (480*640) support Screen Orientation (Portrait, Landscape (right-handed) and Landscape (left-handed)) support NEW 2008 features: Windows Mobile Version 6.