World Time Explorer is a PC program to view current time for any place in the world, either from a list of more than 4882 cities, or from a world map that shows each GMT offset with a different color. Put family and friends in main window. Features: * Historic info for each city with all GMT offset changes since 1850 * Calculate map colors for any given time since 1850 * Jump to map from list of cities and back with simple mouse clicks * World flags and some state flags for all cities * Set date and time display format freely * Set weekday and month texts freely, possibly copying from Windows regional info * Show population count for cities, sunrise and sunset, latitude, longitude, time * Distance calculation between selected city and the mouse position on the map, if you jump from the city to the map * Jump to a specific place in the map using latitude and longitude * Check Windows time zone compared to your own time zone in the program * Calendar with week numbers displayed, 2 months view * Time Calculator reports current time in more thanl 494 world time zones, or based on a specific time in a specific place, output sorted by the criteria you want * Minimizes to the System Tray * Yearly report of DST changes for the whole world showing your own time when each change happens * See how to edit Windows Time Zone Information * Synchronize your PC clock with a time server * Make list of people to show current or future past times with time calculator * Daily Planner to see 24 hours plan for time in two places, to help making on-line meetings or phone calls * Island search for islands that have no city included * Help file with 55 topics