You've probably seen "tickers" before - people sometimes have them in their forum signatures and such. They're often small, colourful images that say "X months and Y days till someones 12th birthday!", though they can deal with other timed events like pregnancy, vacation, etc. There might also be a cute little creature moving on a path, or another dynamic image representing the passage of time. ws Ticker Editor is an application that can be used to create pretty much any kind of ticker. Features - Put virtually any number of custom images on the ticker. - Add textual comments and captions in any font, size and color. - Use dynamic text to create countdowns and more. - Create various graphical effects with dynamic images. - Upload the created ticker to the server to make it available on the Web* - Automatically generates a code to place the ticker on a webpage or forum* English and Latvian languages are available * Registered version only.