The UNeTest Free is package of three programs. It is intended for preparation and executing of the net testings on the theory of any subject in the local networks of schools, colleges, universities, etc., with possibility to looking for working of the students in the real-time mode. All applications have a clear simple interface and are targeted on inexperienced users. The UNeTest Free possibilities: 1. Possibility to create and save the lists of questions with the variants of answers. 2. Possibility to create and save settings of testing parameters individually for every teacher-user and (if necessary) for every testing: - amount of questions in a card (set of questions for one answering one) - from 5 to 100 questions - grade evaluation (amount of right answers for every mark) - from 1 to 12 points - On/Off of automatic testing time limitation and establishment of his value from 5 to 90 minutes - On/Off of casual order of distribution of questions - permission/prohibition of return to the passed questions - permission/prohibition of show of right answers after the finish of the work 3. Possibility to execute testing in the local networks of educational establishments. 4. Possibility to looking for working of the students on "Host computer" monitor in the real-time mode. 5. UNT-Professor automatically proposes points upon termination of testing (to the accordant operating grade evaluation settings).