Welcome to the Encrypt-o-Doc v0.1 (alpha) release help. Thanks for trying out the Encrypt-o-Doc v0.1. Please don?t forget to give your feedback about the software by sending an email at encryptodoc@yahoo.com. Remember that without your comments, the software can't provide you the right output you might have ever wanted. So, if you find any bug, or have some suggestions/comments, rush them to me. Before we start our journey, let me introduce you to myself and the objective and use of the software. My name is Amit Bhandari, presently doing my Masters (Post-Graduation) in Engineering from Punjab Engineering College, Chandigarh (INDIA). The objective of the software is to provide you royalty-free access to encryption/decryption mechanisms to make your work more secure and easy to transfer. With this software, you can encrypt a single file or a complete folder with all its sub-directory listings included. So, it becomes your one stop solution for encryption/decryption of sensitive data. Moreover, you have the option to choose from the various algorithms. You can also opt to choose the batch mode, in which you can encrypt/decrypt multiple file(s) in one go.