WinGDB is an extension for Visual Studio IDE allowing to debug mobile/Android applications, processes on remote machines running Linux (or other Unix systems), embedded targets or local machines (built with use of Cygwin/MinGW tools), using native Visual Studio debugging user interface. Features An Add-In for the Visual Studio IDE providing integration with the VS debugger interface. Android SDK/NDK debugging on emulator and devices. Remote Linux debugging through SSH connection. Indirect Linux debugging through SSH connection with gdbserver. MinGW and Cygwin local debugging. Embedded Linux systems and OpenOCD/JTAG debugging. Palm webOS debugging. Java debugging for Android applications. Seamless integration with standard Visual Studio projects. The "Attach to process" dialog extension allowing attaching to remote processes. The "Launch process" command, allowing to launch remote processes inside GDB. The "Examine core dump" command, allowing to examine core dump inside GDB. Remote build - run makefile (it may be any command) on remote machine. The output of compiler/linker dumps to VisualStudio Console/Task-Window. Integrated remote terminal. Initialization scripts. Visualizers (aka "pretty printers" or "auto expanders"). Remote source code browsing in the Visual Studio editor. The files are fetched as needed using SCP protocol and cached over a session. Remote edition of the source code in the Visual Studio editor. Basic debugger commands: Run, Step over/into/out, Break All, Continue, Run to cursor, Set Next Statement. Breakpoint setting in remote source files browsed locally. Breakpoint setting by function name or through call-stack window. Additional breakpoint properties: conditions, hit counting, temporary disabling. Data breakpoints. Call stack window. Watch window. Auto / Locals window. Processes / Threads window. Modules / Memory / Registers window. Signals window. Disassembler view. Console window for debugged process I/O, emulating a XTerm terminal.