Clippy is a program to handle the clipboard. Special features of Clippy are: Record mode: Observes the clipboard and automatically saves new entries of the list. mini-mode: opens a stamp-sized window for discreet usage of the program-functions. Lists: All entries will be automaticly sortet into an e-mail, url- and overall-list. Storing of the list: All list-entries are automatically available after a program-restart respectively after a sysrem-reset. on screen display: As the contents of the clipboard changes, it will be displayed on the screen drag&drop-function: Text-files can be dragged directly into the list as well as texts. Import- and export-function: Text-files can be imported into the list directly as well as exported. Hotkeys for text-entries: offers the possibility to set 10 texts to the number-keys. Extensive text-editing-functions: Diverse functions for manipulation of the text-entries are available. You can convert the HTML-special characters: including the new euro-symbol: for example. You can also get a freeware version ClippyFree.