Create your personal and/or business refer information including contacts, reminders, appointments ...even recipes and golf scores. In fact anything at all by installing your copy of this International 5 Star software. TRULY MUST HAVE EXCELLENT AWARD WINNING SOFTWARE FOR EVERYONE. YOU WILL COME TO RELY ON ITS MANY FEATURES - Also includes:- Rapid Sticky Note - which not only keeps your notes but links to the contacts and recipe databases for rapid finding of info eg addresses, phone numbers etc. You can even print a business card from it STORES  - Contacts with pictures  - Music Library  - Book Library  - Movie Library  - People Profiler    - Passwords (double secured)  - Golf Scores  - Recipes  - Asset Inventory  - Notes  - How To  - Health inc Weight Records  - Journal (double secured)  - Gardening FEATURES   - To Do List  - Shopping List  - Photo Album with captioning  - Appointment scheduling with easy daily display list  - Envelope Printing  - Business Cards  - Christmas Card List  - Emergency Phone Numbers  - Rapid Desktop Sticky Note  - Calculator  - Bill payment scheduling  - Metric conversion calculator  - Address and Phone wallet/purse Cards  - Calendar with your pictures  - Import MS Outlook Contacts  - Export Data to Others  - Display Contacts by Category  - Full display printouts  - Flashing Reminders  - Your choice of display colors  - Links with MS scheduler REMINDS -  - Computer Files requiring Backup  - Appointments  - Bills  - Events eg - Birthdays - Weddings - Children's activities - Sports schedules - Weddings - On This Day - Engagements - Anniversaries - Current Affairs  Just to name a few Lots of fun using your digital pictures for the albums.