Create your own email distribution lists and email to the group. Use Java Contactor to create groups, for example in the Notes field, then use the built-in email feature to send email to those lists of contacts individually, including the ability to preface the email with a salutation such as Dear Contact's First Name, as undisclosed-recipients or as a group. The free version is fully functional, but inserts a small ad for The Java Contactor at the end of every email distribution. This can be removed by paying the 9.95 shareware fee. The Java Contactor personal license applies to the shareware purchaser of the Java Contactor, and not the computers that they use. The user that purchases the shareware license can use the version of the Java Contactor that they license on any computer that they use at home or at work under the one shareware fee. Users of shared computers are encouraged to each buy their own licenses.