Beautiful and easy to installscreensaver featuring hand-drawn images of apples. This screensaver features various hand-drawn images of apples. On our web site we deal with the subject of eliminating credit card debt on one of our main graphic scenes that we have used several times is the idea of a head of the verses a decaying apple in terms of having a healthy credit status versus the decay of mounting debt related problem. All of the images are hand-drawn and since using them originally we had quite a lot of feedback from our web site users asking about the images. As a result of this we thought it might be a nice idea to release them in the form of a screensaver. All of the images are drawn from pieces originally hand-drawn and colored. They feature various different types of apples in various different setups. The screensaver is designed to run on a Windows-based operating system computer. We have kept all the file sizes small to give the widest possible compatibility and also to allow access to people who are using a dial-up connection. This screensaver is extremely easy to install and once you have done so you will be able to manipulate it in exactly the same way as you can win any of the screensaver that came preinstalled on your machine when you bought it. The screensaver is also extremely easy to uninstall if you should wish to do so at any time and is not bundled with any additional software that may cause you any extra difficulties. Despite the attention of the detail of keeping the file size down, the images are still of high quality as it was important to us that the resolution was maintained as well. We will also be releasing other ranges of images that we have previously used as graphic elements as screensavers in the near future. If you have any interest in the subject of our web site or if you're interested in more information about this existing screeds ever any future releases please feel free to visit us at our web site.