CleanMails is an easy tool to clean mailing lists from incorrect lines of mail. Possible uses of CleanMails are: * Clean dummy and otherwise incorrect mail addresses from mail list for newsletters. * Clean extracted data from Excel or other Spreadsheet data. * Check mail addresses of a company for incorrect entries (e.g. see which entries are likely to be rejected by foreign mailservers). In order to clean Mails, CleanMails has to read mail lists as plain text files and exports them to plain text files or to a console (to copy the list to the clipboard). This is a convenient way, since most newsletter programs require simple mail lists to work. A sample input file looks like this: mr. wrongmail@x.a another.bad@mail Thus, the format is very simple... CleanMails is shareware. The free version is fully usable, but you can only check the first 10 entries in a list. If you want to clean lists of more than 10 mails, you can obtain a licence. CleanMails runs on Windows, Mac OS X and Ubuntu Linux.