PulpMotion Advanced is shipped with a rich and extensible range of themes. 154 themes are available and many presets are also available to customize your creation. Do all your sound editing in PulpMotion Advanced. You are no longer restricted to one sound media per slideshow. Instead, drag and drop your sound files in the provided timelines and decide when a given sound effect or music should start. You can synchronize your music with your medias. Record audio annotations and associate them to your pictures and movies. Add zones of interest to your images using the in-built image editor. Give them a name and some notes and let the "story-telling" themes turn them into stunning animations. Drag & Drop Your Ideas is easy with PulpMotion - Pick one of the incredible PulpMotion themes... - Drag & Drop your pictures or videos - Add some of your great music Functionnalities: - Choose a theme, add pictures and videos - All themes customizable - Create Ken Burns Effect - Add Quart Composer composition to personalize your slideshow - Create zones of interest on your pictures - Use IPhoto Faces to create zones of interest - Eport you créations on the iPhone, Youtube etc. There are shortcuts for exporting to Mail, iDVD, GarageBand, iWeb, iPod, Apple TV - Export video in Quicktime and easy export to iLife - Export in HD with support for anti-aliasing and motion blur for high quality export Anti-flickering option - Save your export parameters as a preset to re-use next time - Improved color fidelity - Modify screen size to suit your needs before exporting Numerous medias are available : Photo (in iPhonto), Ken Burns, Videos, Audio, Layout, QTZ (Quartz Composer Composition), Animated Text Only in the Advanced version : ? Full customization of layout with text and pictures... ? Animated text, ? Add filters on video and pictures ? Possibility to add audio commentaries ? Page layouts can now be fully customized ? More Themes