PulpMotion is a theme based slideshow creation tool. Users create professional presentations with their own pictures, videos and music in just a few clicks. Slideshows can be published to share online with customers or friends and family. Drag & Drop Your Ideas is easy with PulpMotion - Pick one of the incredible PulpMotion themes... - Drag & Drop your pictures or videos - Add some of your great music - ... and you're Done! After just a few clicks you can enjoy your creation! Screen tips help you along the way at every stage. A wide range of themes is available with various personalized options. There is 132 themes for all you imagination. Functionnalities: - Choose a theme, add pictures and vidéos - To share your creations you can export it on the iPhone, Youtube etc. There are shortcuts for exporting to Mail, iDVD, GarageBand, iWeb, iPod, Apple TV - Export vidéo in Quicktime with - export your créations in HD with support for anti-aliasing and motion blur for high quality export Anti-flickering option - Save your export parameters as a preset to re-use next time - Improved color fidelity - Modify screen size to suit your needs before exporting Medias available : ? Photos (from iPhoto) ? Ken Burns ? Video ? Audio ? Layout (limited to presets) ? QTZ