If you find the outlook application getting hanged often in the middle of processing any tasks in Outlook then or if strange error triggers while opening mails or sending mails, it signifies the issue concerned with the pst file. There can be wither corruption or oversize problem encountered with the Outlook pst file and is required to be solved immediately so as to save the data from being lost. Corrupt pst file is able ot be fixed with inbox repair tool provided as inbuilt utility with Outlook application. But if the pst file are above 4Gb file size then inbox repair tool fails to fix such large pst. However still there are chances to fix large pst file and for that split pst file software is introduced that splits large pst file and accordingly these pst file are accessed by the Outlook application stopping the error getting encountered due to oversize pst file. The software facilitates steps that if followed easily to split pst file.