CSHTMLDiff is a powerful ActiveX control which allows you to compare two revisions of a file visually in a quick, easy and friendly way. CSHTMLDiff can compare files either locally or over ftp/http protocols. CSHTMLDiff utilizes a robust engine that recognizes various file types, including Text, XML and HTML. The engine can be easily configured for most kinds of comparison settings. CSHTMLDiff displays a unique and user-friendly output pane with a visual representation of the difference analysis right over the source-files view. Any differences between the compared files are easily noticed. Navigation features are provided for quick access to specific changes and reviewing of the results, and all the output settings can be configured according to personal preferences. CSHTMLDiff can produce a difference report in HTML format that can be viewed and navigated in any Java-enabled web browser. All of these features and more are provided through a simple programmable API. Every aspect of the engine, output and appearance of the control can be controlled both during design-time and at run-time. And most important of all - programming with the CSHTMLDiff ActiveX control is easy, fast and simple. The control comes ready for use for out-of-the-box operation - simply place it in your form and it works! New features in version 2.0: · Support for remote document comparison over FTP, HTTP and HTTPS protocols. · Improved filtering of JavaScript code for HTML mode. · Ignore Format option improved to ignore URL changes and other formatting changes. · Greatly improved accuracy. · Improved display of format changes. · Various minor improvements.