===================================== Logbook für Windows 9x/ME Version 1.7 ===================================== Functions: ---------- Registration of working hours on PC including time of boot up, shut down, standby and user change. Resistant to manipulations. Detailed reports and totals of months. For self-control or children-control. After installation you can see a small clock icon in the taskbar. If you click this icon (right mouse button) you can see: - how long are you working (session duration) - detailed logbook for current and previous month - global summary (for each month total time for each user) Format of one line of detailed logbook: --------------------------------------- 1.Username (or space if no network is installed) 2.Date and time (start of session) 3.Time (end of session) 4.Duration of session 5.How the session was finished - 'shut down' - 'user change' - 'standby' - space (system hang up) Comments: ---------- You cannot stop Logbook (you don't see Logbook in the task list). You can install new version of Logbook on the fly. Logbook uses Notepad for showing the listings. Tip: ---- You can set up the network for using user names. You can do it even without a network card! For details see Windows documentation. Registration: ------------- This program ist shareware (demo) and can be tested 60 days then it should be registered. Complete the registration through www.shareit.com