Light weigth barcode label design, organizing, browsing, and printing application. It supports not only barcodes but also the most frequently used elements for label design in inventory, warehouse and office environments. Active Label Browser is easy to use and has minimal syrem requirements - supports even old Windows 95 systems as well as the latest Windows versions. The database connectivity and internal data cache allow the user to do both - print label sets over a data from the company's database and creation of small database independent sets. The application is implemented using our Active Label ActiveX and is a lower cost solution for the customers who do not need the additional opportunities offered by the license for the full product (The Active Label Browser + ActiveX). While the Active Label ActiveX is for customers who want to integrate label design and printing in their existing or new inventory, warehose and other business applications, the Active Label Browser is a stand-alone application for those who want to do the labeling and barcoding separately with no other integration than connectivity to the organization's databases. Still, there is more about the Active Label Browser. It works with both: local and online resources. This is the reason to call it browser - with it the label deisgns and their resources can be not only on the local hard disk but also online - on a WEB server for example. The images on the labels can be from any location (URL) and not just local files, can be saved to a server (most often a WEB server) the same way they are saved locally. Furthermore the labels can be used in manner similar to WEB pages - hyperlinks can be put on them thus allowing you to organize them into something that looks and acts very much like a WEB site. Apparently this kind of connectivity gives an opportunity for integration with WEB based business applications.