DocFlex/Together is a new generation template-driven documentation generator for Borland® Together® based on DocFlex Technology. Created by the authors of the old template-based 'GenDoc' module in Together (developed during 1998-2000, yet in TogetherSoft Corp.), this new tool represents a major breakthrough over what Together GenDoc was and still is now. The key advantages include: (*) The new modern-looking graphic Template Designer. (*) A new data model concept. Now, it is not based anymore on the Together specific notions (namely, things described in Together OpenAPI). Instead, DocFlex always "thinks" it works with an XML document. This enables to organize all data querying basing on XPath which provides immense capabilities of data processing -- virtually to turn inside out any data fed to DocFlex with just a few settings specified in templates! (*) Absolutely new formatting concept. In the old GenDoc, all formatting within templates was specified in notions of coordinates. This was difficult and sometimes simply impossible to render correctly in such layout-based formats as HTML and RTF. In DocFlex, on the contrary, all formatting is directly specified using layouts (such as flow of text, paragraphs, tables and lists). This smoothly fits into the container organization of Java Swing components as well as all modern output formats. The result is that what you see in Template Designer, you'll get in the output documents. Also, this approach allows with the same templates to generate the outstanding quality documentation simultaneously in all formats supported by DocFlex. (*) Lots of other advancements which include: full support of template parameters, all generator variable organized in the form of the Generator Object Model, more than 100 utility functions available in FlexQuery-expressions, open Java API and many others. See on this web-site other our products based on DocFlex Technology: DocFlex/XML and DocFlex/Javadoc.