WetSock shows your current weather conditions and forecasts as an icon on the tray notification area of the system taskbar. Exciting new features: The most important new feature in WetSock is the extremely accurate and detailed forecasts. Uses aviation forecasts, previously in the domain of pilots and other aviation professionals are now brought to you in plain language. Supports monitoring multiple cities. You can have one or multiple tray icons indicating the weather in each city, or you can contain all your cities in a central control window, from which any and all weather information is only clicks away. A detailed weather information window gives a snapshot of every weather detail you could want about a city. More control over what kind of weather data you want to download, lets WetSock to download relevant weather information for a city in mere seconds. WetSock can show information on 4000 cities worldwide. It now supports 200 countries all over the world. With almost 1800 cities in USA, and over 800 cities in Canada,  you can choose weather information pinpointed to your location. WetSock will keep you updated about the weather over Internet without even needing to dial into your Internet Service Provider. If you periodically dial in for surfing, checking your mail etc., WetSock will connect to the weather server and get the weather information in the background, but can also dial in and hang-up by itself. · WetSock works by monitoring your network connections and getting the weather information once you are connected for any other purpose. · Integrated with built-in smart network detection. Will use your existing network connections and TCP/IP settings. Requires no further settings. · Silent background operation. Easy access to features via a system tray icon.