WakeUp is a Windows software alarm clock, music player, and task manager. It replaces tabletop alarm clocks and does the job much better. It is easy to use, but is much more flexible than any alarm clock available. Thanks to the multimedia revolution, it sounds much better on virtually any PC. Instead of waking up to radio advertising, you can use WakeUp to wake to your own selection of music or other sounds in any combination of .WAV, .MP3, and MIDI formats. WakeUp also lets you set up as many different alarms as you want, each with its own settings - waking up is only the start of the day. You can program one-time or repeating alarms and reminder up to 10 year in advance! WakeUp comes with dozens of sounds and several songs that can be used for alarms. It's easy to point WakeUp to your own directories of MP3, WAV, or MIDI files to use your own music and sounds instead of the defaults. A simple task manager is built in, allowing you to schedule, document, and time tasks. This is great for anyone with multiple clients, or works on many tasks concurently. Each task can be documented and timed individually, and all are kept on a priority list you set. Reopen them and continue timing as you document a phone call or other work related to the task. Print them or simply review them when filling out your timesheet. Myoozick Player is launched from WakeUp. While WakeUp faithfully handles your alarms, reminders, and tasks, Myoozick Player lets you listen to your music all day without interruptions. Load as many tracks as you like, in any combination of .WAV, .MP3, and MIDI files. Order them as you wish, or press a button to rearrange them in random order. Press play, and the day is full of music (or whatever you listen to). If your MP3 collection is large and consists of many directories, point Myoozick Player at the top level directory, and it will automatically open all your MP3s. Free fully functional demo and low price of $24.95.