Key Features: 1. Windows XP/VISTA standard button, toolbar button, dropdown button, extend button styles and effects, can also translates to specified style automatically when system can't support the visual style; 2. Office 2000, 2003, 2007 color picker styles and GLASS effects; 3. Can load or manage ramp palette file(.pal) at design mode and runtime, add, edit, clear ramp color nodes and generate palette dynamically and optionally; 4. Supports full Default/Custom color item features and can switch on/off; 5. Color popup window cells dimension is changeable, and can customize design and resize feature smartly; 6. Switchable from standard button to dropdown button; 7. Color button/custom button icon/bitmap and caption features; 8. Color button and dropdown popup window full shadow features; 9. Color button, default item, custom item and all color cells tooltips features; 10. Color button, default item and custom item full GLASS button effects features; 11. Dropdown color popup window border style changeable; 12. A 'Click' event interface with handle user mouse click processing; 13. A 'ShowCustomColorDialog' event interface with supporting user custom color dialog; 14. Attached a power Ramp Palette Editor to create ramp palette file(.pal) for the color picker using; 15. 100% .NET and Visual Studio 2005 development platforms compatible; 16. Have full installation, uninstall, demonstration and related Help documents.