Trellian WebPAGE allows you to create your own web pages without having to learn complex scripting languages. WebPAGE's WYSIWYG interface makes editing pages as easy as using your favorite word processor. Web masters and other advanced users can hand code HTML using the built in color Hi-lighted source editor, while HTML wizards are available to make web design faster & easier. WebPAGE makes editing HTML a breeze. It doesn't matter if you are completely new to building web pages or if you have been building them for years, WebPAGE is a pleasure to use. And best of all Trellian WebPAGE is FREE. Features: Intuitive Interface Imports pages compatible with today's browsers Absolute positioning of HTML elements Color Hi lighted HTML Editor META tag editor Drag & drop interface Imports all major image formats including PNG & JPEG Support for current internet technologies Built-in document spellchecker Support for 1000's of Photoshop Plugins Easy image conversion and resampling tools with unlimited undo's Create Search engine friendly pages, so that you site can be found. Web Publishing is for Everyone Publish your works on the internet TODAY. With WebPAGE, you you can bring together your text and images using a simple WYSIWYG interface. Its so easy. Speed Up Development Times FAST forward your web development. These days you don't have the time to play with colors and designs. WebPAGE can download entire web pages from the web, allowing you to make small modifications, quickly. Sometimes you need to 'Hand code' WebPAGE includes HTML editing tools and explorers, so you can easily find the piece of code you require with just a couple of mouse clicks. You can even get your hands dirty with a little bit of Javascripting. Be Found on the Web The web is a very big place. So, how is anyone going to be able to find your pages in a crowd of millions? Easy! WebPAGE includes an easy-to-use META tag editor.