GoldMail is the leading provider of Rich-Media Messaging for email and business communication. Your Voice Matters! GoldMails free software lets you quickly create personal and powerful rich-media messages by recording your voice over images copied from the web, or imported image files, PowerPoints or PDFs. Share your message or presentation as a link in your e-mail or email marketing program (Constant Contact), or with one click to your website or blog, or social networks like facebook and twitter. When the link is clicked your message plays in the browser just as you recorded it. Reporting and tracking captures the number of times a message was viewed, when it was viewed, and optionally, by who. Unlike e-mails with attachments, you retain control of your messages: turn viewing on/off or deleting them. Used for Sales, Marketing, Fund Raising, Internal Communications or just for fun, GoldMail messages help you and your business stand out from the crowd.