IMMonitor Facbook Spy allow you to monitor, block or record Facebook chat conversations remotely, and you can save all captured chat messages to HTML files for later processing or Viewing. If your kids (or spouse!) are spending too much time chatting via Facbook, or you suspect they're engaged in dangerous conversations, IMMonitor Facbook Spy is a very simple way to find out and stop it, It's easy to use, and it will monitor all conversations without the use of client software installed on the remote computer. Key Features of IMMonitor Facbook Spy: - Capture and archives Facbook conversations from any computer on the network. - Record or Block Facbook chat conversations. - Export all captured messages to HTML files - Automatically send the chat logs to your e-mail or FTP for remote viewing. - Save Facebook chat History. - Password and hot key protection. - Run in stealth mode. - User safe, easy, and powerful.