U-Upload Cart provides a graphical interface through which your users may upload files to your FTP server. Take advantage of dynamic options such as redirection and POST URL to enable FTP uploads for your web application. U-Upload Cart will connect to any standard FTP server without the need for adding and configuring server-side technologies. One simple line added to your webpage is all that it takes. Any time you need your end-users to perform an upload task to your FTP server, you can be in full control of the transfer yet not require them to perform any configuration. Automatically authenticate to any account on your server, or ask your users for their login information and then connect them. U-Upload Cart is particularly useful for organizations with a submission-based business; for example, print shops might use it to receive PDFs or JPGs of clients' files for printing. To connect to your server over SFTP or FTPS for security, consider evaluating U-Upload Cart Secure, available from the Unlimi-Tech website. To enable HTTP tunneling for users who have FTP blocked globally by a corporate firewall, add our UnlimitedFTP Servlet, also available at the website for trial.