CalcArith is a trainer for the basic arithmetic addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. (5 languages) The question appears on the right side and goes slowly to the top. On the left side you see 7 possible answers. Click the correct one. If you click the wrong answer, the correct answer appears at the button of the right side. Hurry up. If you don't click until the question reachs the top, it is like you answer this question wrong. With each wrong answer the space where the question can move becomes smaller. The number of the right and wrong answers is counted. Additional depending how difficult the configuration is you get a score. You can make a configuration depending, what you want to train. You can freely combinate addition, subraction, multiplication, division. You can set, whether the answers can be negative or floats. And the numbers used in the questions. This program is made for pupils who are just learning arithmetic. But with some configurations it will also make adult people sweet.