JPG to PDF Converter software supports multiple image formats conversion into PDF like jpeg to PDF, multiple tiff images to pdf, bmp to pdf, animated gif to pdf, emf to pdf, wmf to pdf, png to pdf, etc. Image to PDF Conversion program has several options to convert image files into PDF document as per your requirement. You can change image size, page size, page margin and set PDF Meta properties before converting the images into PDF files. It has also an option to set password protection to encrypt your converted PDF files from unauthorized users or person. Using this tool, you can create a PDF eBook of your hot and stylish pictures and share, transfer or carry easily. Application has option to make a single PDF file of all the listed image files or make an individual PDF files for every individual images listed on image list. Key features: * JPG to PDF Converter support all major image formats like jpeg, bmp, tiff, emf, wmf, gif, ico, png, etc. * Supports both single as well as multipage tiff images. * Has option to change image size, page size and page margin. * Set PDF Meta properties like Title, Author, Subject and Keyword. This is an optional setting. * Has option to add password protection on converted PDF documents to secure from others or share through web. * Make single PDF document after joining all the listed images on same document. * Make individual PDF documents for every individual images listed on image list. * Has option to add image extension with resultant file name. * Option to add prefix and suffix with output file name. * Works on all Windows OS like XP, Vista and 7. * Supports both 32 bit and 64 bit OS.