Factorization and primality of numbers. With this small software you can factor any number or verify whether a prime number. The interface is very simple and friendly, its use will allow us to throw tables and charts that at school persecute us. It shows a form that can be accessed by starting a second one with different features. In the main, into the field, you enter the number you want to analyze, click on the button factorisation and the list will display all factors which can be decomposed, if, instead, the number is prime a message will appear. The factors are displayed with their representatives and relevant when they are greater than 1, it is calculated also the result of power. With the first form, you can perform the factorization and verify the primality of a number. The second form is considered the range of numbers (From... To..), It is analyzed to check how many primes there are and what they are. The two forms are completely independent of each other, or behave as two separate utilities. The results can be saved to the clipboard for use with the Paste function in a word processor so you can store the results. The strength of this software is the speed of research, it uses a complex algorithm optimized to speed up operations. The software is a stand-alone that is not necessary to install and also, thanks to its small size, it is possible its use on a portable mass storage device like a USB stick.