gcd and lcm for any type and amount of numbers There are two aspects that distinguish this small software from others of the same genre: the amount of numbers to be analyzed and the type of numbers to analyze. There are no limits on the amount of numbers on which to calculate lcm and gcd. A walkthrough will guide you through data entry, following four well-defined phases. The software allows to treat not only integers but fractions and decimal numbers. The group numbers for analysis can also be uneven, ie including integers, fractions or decimals. The need to include the possibility of calculation among fractions or decimals can be convenient for those who do not work only with integers. The result obtained on a group of integers will also be an integer, on a group of fractions, a fraction, a group of decimal numbers or uneven, it will be a decimal number. The software needs no installation, is very lightweight and portable, or also as a mass storage such as external USB stick.