A program for checking file integrity. You used to download, compress or decompress, burn, backups of data or do simple file copies? Are you sure that these operations be successful or that some file is not changed accidentally? Your answer is Hasher. Hasher is a program to verify file integrity, both locally and remotely, through a comparison made between the original and copy; especially useful, in fact, during the processes and operations which is normally carried out on data or files on your PC. This software checks the integrity of comparing two or more files The so-called hash or checksum algorithms. The hash is a unique identifying string for each file and represents a "fingerprint." Hasher uses five of the most popular algorithms (MD5 - SHA1 - SHA256 - SHA384 - SHA512) to obtain accurate and thorough analysis. The strength of the program is the ability to perform the monitoring and verification on multiple files or entire folders compiling a detailed report and easily understood. The program integrates seamlessly with the contextual menu system, should not be installed, then also on a portable USB stick, is in Italian and above all free.