A calculator original, multifunctional and friendly. Calc-Express is a calculator specifically for complex expressions with square roots, powers to "n", percentages and trigonometric functions, has the ability to store operations and results, both on video and a file.txt, manage up to five memories and make some statistics on transactions. Shows an eye-catching graphics and at the same time easy to perceive. Besides the usual features you would expect to find a good calculator, there are some utilities for solving specific problems which are particularly frequent in schools, but not only. Can store individual numbers but also expressions. Memory management is an innovative part of Calc-Express: remain visible always the last five data stored in chronological order, the first is always the last stored. Memories can be changed during the course of operations, but remain unchanged after the closing of Calc-Express, thus reactivating the program, they will still be present. Within the program are implemented all the positive aspects of a tape calculator, and more. The display of Calc-Express is an utility that has some functions very handy and easy to use. Many programs, in case of misuse, get incomprehensible error messages that do not help at all, or even block or close. Calc Express has attempted to predict the possible errors to help you fix them, or even not to commit, preventing some typing errors.