phdcc.Data is a set of DNN 4/5 modules that aim to provide good programmable data handling for DotNetNuke-based systems, including these modules: phdcc.Data.Form: Table and form generator; displays the customisable form to a user phdcc.Data.View: Show a result from one or more forms - customisable in VB or C# phdcc.Data.List: List of results, each item customisable in VB or C# phdcc.Data.Search: Customisable search form Primary feature set: Form: Design your own forms online, including multi-language localisation Form: Detailed configuration using CSS and simple custom controls Form: Profile, Recordset and email result options Form: Can be used as a Registration form Form: Full validation and dependency checking Form: Moderate and Amend profile form results View: Show an individual result, using your display code List: Show a list of results, using your item display code Search: Show a simple configurable search form List, Search: Filter results according to user search crieria